Data & Disaster Recovery

Hard drive died?  Afraid all your data is gone?  Contact us for a free quote to recover your missing data!

No two organizations have identical IT environments or business needs, but all organizations need to protect themselves from unplanned downtime - both everyday disruptions and major disasters. With demands for 24/7 availability and data growth skyrocketing, an organization’s ability to quickly recover its critical data and resume normal business operations is crucial.

Backup & Recovery

KEBE has partnered with StorageCraft to provide you a complete, affordable, and completely customizable disaster recovery and data protection solution to best meet your needs.

Instant Recovery

Boot a virtual machine directly from a backup image. Recover files and folders in minutes, even fail over your network in our disaster recovery cloud.

Flexible Recovery

Storagecraft ShadowProtect arms you with multiple ways to recover, depending on your business needs and the scale of the disaster. Restore a failed physical or virtual system to the same or new hardware or virtual environment. 

Reliable Recovery

Storagecraft backups include everything on your physical and virtual machines—the operating system, applications, settings, and data—so recovery is complete. Automated, advanced verification of backup images lets you know backups are working properly and ensures dependable, complete system recovery. 

Damaged Device Recovery

Sometimes you need more than a simple data or machine recovery. 

Data loss happens. There are dozens of things that can cause it, from accidental reformats to virus attacks. It can be an accident, like a dropped laptop,  or an “act of God”, such as a fire. In spite of the best of intentions, people sometimes forget to back up their personal devices.  When it does happen, no matter who or what causes it, you need professional recovery engineers to perform the data recovery service you need.

KEBE has partnered with Gillware Data Recovery which offers best in the business data recovery services. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on getting the contents of your drive(s) recovered and back in your hands!

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