Managed IT

You have enough on your mind.  Let us worry about your IT services.

Running a business is hard work. Are you a small to medium-sized business that needs help with Information Technology? Does your business have neither the need or budget for  full-time IT professionals on staff?.

Many such businesses struggle to manage IT on their own, which diverts valuable time and resources from running and growing the business.

We can help.

With KEBE's Managed IT service, we remotely monitor the health of your servers and/or workstations to identify issues before they become larger problems causing downtime.  We run a series of check points on a weekly basis and provide reports of the health of your systems.

Configuration problems that are identified can be fixed as part of the included monthly service.  Additionally, our monitoring service runs real-time checks on the status of your servers to alerts us of potential problems.

Our service costs a fraction of the amount necessary to maintain full-time IT personnel, and is highly cost effective for startups and small to medium-size businesses.


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